Meet all the TARG members

Training and Assessment Research Group (TARG) – led by Professor Salman Nazir – Department of Maritime Operations,  University of South-Eastern Norway, constitutes of 4 professors, 4 Master students, 4 PhD researchers.

Salman Nazir

Salman Nazir is a Professor of Training and Assessment at the Department of Maritime Operations (IMA) in the University of South-Eastern Norway (USN), also responsible as the Head of Training and Assessment Research Group (TARG). He obtained his Master from Hanyang University, South Korea and a PhD Politecnico di Milano (POLIMI), Italy.  SEE MORE

Steven C. Mallem

Steven Mallam is an Associate Professor at the Faculty of Technology and Maritime Sciences, University of South-Eastern Norway. He obtained his PhD in Human Factors from Chalmers University of Technology (Sweden) and a Master of Science specializing in work safety and ergonomics from Memorial University of Newfoundland (Canada).  SEE MORE

Tae-eun Kim

Tae-eun is an associate professor of maritime safety at the Department of Maritime Operations at USN. She holds a BSc, an MSc in maritime management, and a joint PhD in Nautical Operations. Her research works focus on maritime safety and human factors, including maritime accident analysis, human error, safety leadership and management. SEE MORE

Sathiya Kumar Renganayagalu

Joined TARG from 1st of November as a PhD research fellow. His PhD topic is Virtual and Augmented reality in maritime training and assessment. Sathiya has a master’s degree in product and system design from NTNU, Ålesund. He has been working as a researcher at Institute for energy technology, Halden. SEE MORE

Amit Sharma

Amit is a PhD research fellow with Training and Assessment Research Group (TARG) situated at Department of maritime operations at University of South-Eastern Norway. Amit has served on-board ships in the capacity of Navigator (2nd mate) and has a total sea experience spanning 7 years.  SEE MORE

Hasan Mahbub Tusher

Hasan has graduated from the Master’s in Maritime Management (Technical specialization) program at the University of South-Eastern Norway, Vestfold campus in Spring 2020. He has been working part-time as a research assistant for the Training and Assessment Research Group (TARG) since February 2019.  SEE MORE.

Ala Pavlovna Hnatiuk

Ala Pavlovna Hnatiuk has completed her studies at the Nautical Institute in Argentina with the title Bachelor in Maritime Transportation. She has ten years of experience at sea on different kind of vessels , including offshore vessels and expedition vessels in the Antarctic and the Arctic areas, obtaining the title of Captain in 2015. SEE MORE


Rana Saha

Rana is an experienced seafarer and joined TARG in September 2017 beside his Masters in Maritime Management at the University of South Eastern Norway. Before that, he has a bachelor’s in marine engineering from Bangladesh Marine Academy, one of 14 branches of World Maritime University, Sweden with Distinctions.SEE MORE

Oda Maria Fagerland

Oda Maria is a 2nd year Master student, studying Maritime Management, commercial specialization at University of South-Eastern Norway (USN). She holds a bachelor of business with a major in international business from the University of the Sunshine Coast in Australia. SEE MORE

Hyeran Raaness

Hyeran is a 2nd year Master student, studying Maritime Management, commercial specialization at University of South-Eastern Norway (USN). She holds a bachelor of business administration, with international business specialization at Hankuk University of Foreign Studies in South Korea SEE MORE


Sanda Knutson

Administration head – TARG

Sanda Knutson is working as project manager at VRI (Virkemidler for regional FoU & Innovasjon) Vestfold, situated at the faculty of engineering and maritime studies. She is the admin head for Training and assessment research group.


Management and support

TARG has an affiliated management and a support team. The management is taken care of by Anne Kari Botnmark as department head. The support team comprises a dedicated Sanda Knutson on the administrative part and Svend Nordby on the technical side. Svend is also the TARG webmaster.

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