Koen joined TARG in March 2020 as an industry PhD student from his position as researcher in DNV Group Research & Development. His topic is on operator performance in shore-based control centres for autonomous vessels. His interest is in how the disclosure of information around the inner workings of an autonomous system can support operator performance.

Koen holds a Master’s degree in Cognitive Psychology (Cum Laude) and a Master’s degree in Industrial Ecology. He has 14+ years of experience from working as an applied researcher and consultant in the aviation and the oil & gas industry. As a consultant in DNV GL, Koen has worked on projects concerning Human Factors integration in the development and verification of complex environments. This includes Human Factors Engineering, Human Reliability Analyses, mapping and assessment of operational barrier elements, control room verification and design activities, HMI development and alarm system design. He has lectured on Human Factors and statistical analysis, has performed studies for the optimisation of human performance, has facilitated workshops and has performed safety studies on safety critical systems. Finally, Koen has published papers and scientific articles within the field of Human Factors.

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