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6th Workshop on Training & Assessment

As the level of autonomy within operations of the maritime industry and across domains continues to increase, the role of the human element within these complex systems continues to change, requiring the mastery and execution of new skills and work tasks. Autonomy has wide applications and impact upon maritime education, training and operations, which will be the main theme of the workshop’s presentations and discussions. The workshop will encompass the followings topics:

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  • Reduced onboard manning, unmanned ships, semi and fully-automated shipping.
  • The implication of autonomy in training and assessment: past, present and future.
  • Educating and adapting the new generation of workers.
  • Cross-disciplinary understanding of the effects of autonomy in high-risk domains.
  • Directions of academic research and industry interests/needs.
  • Collaboration and cooperation among international and interdisciplinary participants.
  • How the maritime domain is coping with autonomy, presently and looking forward.


The workshop speakers and panellist include academic researchers, industry stakeholders and policy makers in order to facilitate diverse discussions, dialogues and subsequent solution in short and long terms for high-risk industries.

Looking forward to meeting you in Tromsø in October!

Please note the deadline for registration is September 15th, 2017

Salman Nazir 
Associate Professor 
Training and Assessment Research Group (TARG) 
University College of Southeast Norway