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29th Workshop on Training and Assessment



Rapid technological advancements continue to alter work demands, operations and organizational design of complex socio-technical systems. Technology is often assumed as the answer to increasing safety and efficiency. However, accidents continue to occur across safety-critical domains, putting operators and society at risk. In reality, the application of new technologies can have a disruptive effect with unforeseen effects and consequences on workers, systems and the surrounding environment. Finding a balance in an ecosystem with new and ever evolving technological applications is challenging. Its effects have wide ranging impacts on the organization, safety and efficiency of work systems, and in particularly the role of humans within these systems. This workshop aims to address these issues and will encompass the followings areas (but not limited to):


  • Emerging technologies and impact on safety
  • Trust (and distrust) in technology
  • Safety management models
  • Perspectives on Human Error in complex operations
  • Commonalities and differences between safety practices
  • Case studies from maritime, process, manufacturing industries, etc.
  • Analysis of accidents and accident reporting
  • New paradigms of operations
  • Training needs for future operators
  • Emerging versus contemporary technologies and systems


The workshop speakers and panellists include academic researchers, industry stakeholders and policy makers in order to gain insights, facilitate dialogue and identify future opportunities in high-risk industries. This workshop is a large step to ensure dialogue, across academics and practitioners from different sectors (mainly process and maritime domain). Therefore, to co-arrange this event, combining TARG’s 9th workshop on training and assessment with the first workshop of EU the project ENHANCE. This project is led by TARG aims at improving safety in maritime and process industries through 2 main objectives: i) to better understand the human role in complex socio-technical systems through close collaborations between the academic and non-academic sectors; and ii) to develop new training and performance assessment methodologies designed to enhance human performance.

 Looking forward to meeting you in Drammen in October!


Salman Nazir 
Head of Training and Assessment Research Group (TARG)
University of South-Eastern Norway

Location for the workshop:
Day 01: USN Campus Drammen.
Day 02: USN Campus Drammen.
Limited seating available for each sector (academia, industry, and students, first come, first served basis).

The workshop fee is 8000 NOK. This covers the registration fees for the 2-day workshop, including a technical tour, social event, lunch and 2 coffee breaks each day.