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4th Workshop on Training and Assessment

Lack of necessary competence and skills may result in inadequate, unsafe actions, which potentiate vulnerabilities of the systems and sequentially bring about human, financial, legal, and reputational losses. Therefore, the unpredictable dynamics of economy, organizations, and complex systems calls for resolution of dilemma between safety and profits faced by practitioners form high risk industry mainly maritime sector.

Maritime operations – which play a significant role in the Norwegian economy – involve complex challenges faced by the seafarers. There is a need for cooperation and mutual understanding between the academia/researchers and practitioners. This workshop is aimed at resolving the foregoing challenge. It is expected that discussions on these topics, during the workshop, will lead to possible solutions to existing challenges and highlight recent challenges in relevant domains.

The expected outcomes are (but not limited to):

  • Lectures by leading experts in order to gain insight into current solutions
  • Cooperation between academia/researchers and practitioners/industries
  • Finding solutions and balance between safety and profits
    • New solutions in Training Methods and performance assessment
    • Challenges and solutions in evaluation of Training
    • Gap between current training practices and tasks handled by seafarers/operators
  • Development of new programs and projects aiming at safer/efficient maritime operations
  • Collaboration and cooperation among participants

Please note the deadline for registration is: 25th of September, 2016





Workshop Leader
Salman Nazir
Associate professor
Training and Assessment
Research Group (TARG)
University College of Southeast, Norway

Workshop Admin head
Sanda Knutson
University College of Southeast, Norway






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