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Tareq Ahram
Tareq Ahram, PhD
Institute for Advanced Systems Engineering (IASE)
University of Central Florida
Tareq Ahram is the lead scientist and research manager working at the Institute for Advanced Systems Engineering (IASE) at the University of Central Florida. He holds a Master of Science degree in Human Engineering from the University of Central Florida, Master of Science degree in Engineering Management (2004) and Ph.D. (2008) in Industrial Engineering from the University of Central Florida with specialization in Human Systems Integration and large-scale information retrieval systems optimization (search algorithms). Dr. Ahram received the 2009 U.S. Exceptional Research Scientist Award and the 2013, 2014 IBM Research Faculty Award to support cutting-edge scientific research in data modeling and analytics. He is serving as a visiting research professor in the department of design and senior advisor in the Republic of Brazil. Dr. Ahram is currently working on multiple research projects including a research project funded by the United States Office of Naval Research on modeling human performance and total ownership cost.

Helmut Blaschke
Helmut Blaschke
AIRBUS Human Factors Trainer and Examiner
Neuburg/Donau Germany
Helmut Blaschke is a former Air Force Fighter-Pilot and Weapon School Commander, now working for AIRBUS Defense & Space on training Eurofighter-Pilots in the virtual environment. He is a Human Factors Specialist and Assessor in military aviation as well as head of HF-Training for the “Aircrew Synthetic Training Aids” (ASTA). As a practitioner on over 20 years of flying combat aircraft he is bringing his expertise into the Military Aviation Community delivering training for the German Air Force front-line Fighter-Pilots. One of the special subjects is Competency-based Training and Non-technical Skill Assessment. He also participated and co-developed a science-based-study called “Mission Readiness Training” now incorporated in the official German Air Force Eurofighter Training Program.

Annette Kluge
Prof. Dr. Annette Kluge
Ruhr-Universität Bochum
Work and Organizational Psychology
Annette Kluge is a professor at Work and Organizational Psychology in Ruhr-Universität Bochum, where is also the chair of Industrial, Organisational and Business Psychology, Faculty of Psychology. Prof. Kluge is leading a research group/team on Human Factors. Her research group is focused on Organisational safety concepts, training: skill acquisition and retention, safety related rule violations, organizational learning from errors. Before joining Ruhr-Universität Bochum she was full professor at Full Professor in Business and Organizational Psychology, Faculty of Engineering, University of Duisburg-Essen, Germany. She is also in Counseling Board of the Reaktorsicherheitskommission (Reactor Safety Commission) working for the Federal Ministry for the Environment.

Iris L Acejo
Dr. Iris L. Acejo
Research Associate
School of Social Sciences at Cardiff University
She currently works as a Research Associate with SIRC (Seafarers International Research Centre) in the School of Social Sciences (SOCSI) at Cardiff University, contributing to research projects, engagement and knowledge exchange activities. The role involved ethnographic shipboard research and fieldwork placements in different ports around the world. Her intellectual interests revolve around aspects related to welfare and vulnerable groups like the seafarers. Methodologically, her approach to research is qualitative, ethnographic and quantitative, with the aim of understanding lived experience within the context of highly globalized shipping industry. Her specialist field is the nature of belongingness of seafarers on board ships and in their communities ashore. Her thesis looked at the various ways seafarers cope within two contrasting environments – ship and shore – and how these interrelate with each other as part of the seafarers’ lifeworld. In researching the maritime industry, she hopes to broaden understanding of ship life, its categories and assumptions as a way to contribute to public debates, influence policy and professional practice.

Prof. Mahmoud El-Sayed El-Bawab
Arab Academy for Science, Technology and Maritime Transport (AASTMT), Egypt
Mahmoud El-Bawab is a professor (Senior Lecturer) at Arab Academy for Science, Technology and Maritime Transport (AASTMT), Egypt. The AASTMT is one of the specialized organizations belongs to the League of Arab states (LAS) established in 1972. Mahmoud El-Bawab received his Master Degree in Maritime Safety and Marine Environmental Protection from World Maritime University (WMU) in 2001. Also, he holds Master Mariner Certificate and he has 20 years’ lecturing experience in various fields of Maritime Education and Training (MET). He is working as a responsible for international maritime relations in the AASTMT and a contact person of the AASTMT as a member of the International Executive Board of the IAMU. He is currently pursuing for a PhD in new trends of Maritime Search and Rescue in the AASTMT. Currently, he is a member of a regional MET expert group who provides support to the Arabian countries under umbrella of the LAS to fulfill obligations of the STCW 78 convention, as amended “third cycle”.

Mr. Arild Røen
Operation Manager,
Kongsberg Maritime Training, Norway
Arild Røen has been Operation Manager of Kongsberg Maritime Training, Norway, since March 2015. Røen has a military background as a Navigator and Tactical Coordinator on P-3C Maritime Patrol Aircraft, having gone through the military pilot/navigator training at Luftforsvarets Flygeskole and in US Navy and US Air Force. Røen has served as an instructor in simulators and airplanes in the Norwegian Air Force and in the Royal Navy (UK). Røen has his academic education from the Norwegian Air Force Academy (KS1) and Norwegian Naval Academy (KS2), including the Norwegian Defence Staff College (FSTS 1). In 2007 Røen joined the Kongsberg Group and since then he has served as project manager within product development and is currently running the Kongsberg Maritime Training department in Kongsberg.

Dr. Salman Nazir
Associate Professor,
University College of Southeast, Norway
Salman Nazir is an Associate Professor at University College of Southeast, Norway. He received his Masters and PhD in Chemical Engineering (focus on System Engineering and Human Factors) from Hanyang University, South Korea, and Politecnico di Milano, Italy, respectively. He is mainly focused on Human Factors research. His current research topics are: Effective training methods, performance assessment, training transferability and evaluation. He was awarded with Cum Laude (outstanding honor) with the title of his PhD. He is a co-chair of affiliated conference of Applied Human Factors and Ergonomics (AHFE) and leading the research group: Training and Assessment Research Group (TARG). He has published over 60 articles in various journals and conferences in the research area of Human Factors.

Mr. Karsten Haegg
Chief Instructor for the Maritime department
Maersk Training Svendborg
He went to sea as apprentice with A.P. Moller-Maersk at the age of 16 and finished his Masters degree in 1989. He has since then sailed with various vessel types: Tankers – LPG Carriers – Container vessels – Feeder Container vessels – Ferries and Offshore vessels. For 2 years he worked with a Marine Insurance company with underwriting and claims. The past 17 years has been spent in the Marine Offshore world as navigating officer and captain, as well as working at Maersk training as Instructor, Lead Instructor and now Chief Instructor.
In between periods at Maersk Training he has gained practical experience as Newbuilding superintendent, Fleet auditor and company representative.

Prof. Kenn Steger-Jensen
Professor in Manufacturing and Supply Chain Systems, Aalborg University
Kenn Steger-Jensen is professor in manufacturing and supply chain systems at Aalborg University Centre for logistics, Department of Mechanical and Manufacturing engineering, Denmark and Visiting professor in maritime logistics at University College of Southeast Norway, Department of maritime technology ,operations and innovation. He gained a Ph.D. in ERP and APS Information Systems at Alborg University in 2004 and a M.Sc. degree in Industrial Management from Aalborg University in 2000. He has been Associate Professor of Supply Chain Systems at Aalborg University since 2004. In 2012 he became Professor of Manufacturing & Supply Chain Systems and Professor in Maritime Logistics in 2015.
In 2010 he and 4 colleagues founded the Centre for Logistics. In 2012 he was one of the main resources in building up the SMARTLOG network witch today having more than 190 business member today. Beside a university degree, he has a Skipper, 1st Class on Fishing Vessels, STCW-regl. II/1 and Certificate of Competency as Mate, 3rd Class (STCW-regl. II/2 as Chief Mate) form 1989 and has more than 10 years of experience as sailor.

Prof. Kjell Ivar Øvergård
Professor in Human Factors at the Department of Maritime Technology and Innovation at HSN.
He became full professor in May 2011 at the age of 34. He is also recipient of an endowed Chair in cognitive systems engineering and human factors at the Global Maritime Knowledge Hub (sponsor Kongsberg Maritime). Professor Øvergård is Head of maritime research at the Faculty of Technology and Maritime Sciences and is in vice president in the national Joint PhD-program in Nautical Operations.
Professor Øvergård received his Cand.Polit-degree (2004) and his PhD (2008) from the Department of Psychology, Norwegian University of Science and Technology. He has been involved in cross-disciplinary research for over 10 years and sees himself as 50% psychologist, 50% engineer and 50% product designer – but he would love to be a mathematician. His research interests are related to maritime human factors and cognitive systems engineering, simulator training, applied statistics and statistical modelling, time-dependent analyses of work, Leadership studies and user-centred design and user testing.