Charlotte Hohnemann, the secondee of EU project ENHANCE, was greeted by several members of TARG team in informal atmosphere on 3rd August 2019.

She is a master – and soon-to-be a PhD – student, seconded from the Ruhr-University Bochum (RUB) to Kongsberg Group. Charlotte’s mission is to help in identifying commonalities of human involvement among different socio-technical systems.

Introduction period of her secondment is arranged in a mix of academic and industrial environment of the USN and the Kongsberg Digital. This will be followed by a placement at Kongsberg Maritime’s Training Center, the main host of this secondment.

Kongsberg Digital works with customers in maritime, oil and gas, renewables and utilities. It provides them with software and digital solutions that help to anticipate and protect against future challenges, whilst increasing competence, safety, and efficiency. 

Kongsberg Maritime is one of the leading organizations in Europe in providing training courses to maritime personnel and possesses advanced training simulators.

Charlotte will be involved in to their work and the tacit knowledge recorded will be further analyzed in RUB that has impressive expertise in control-room and teamwork research for a variety of industries. This is one more step towards the understanding of how to refine training methods and operations to achieve greater safety in maritime and process industries.

TARG wishes the emergent researcher a pleasant stay in beautiful Norway and fruitful scientific outcomes from the ENHANCE collaboration.