TARG Visits Canadian University


On January 4th, TARG member Steven Mallam visited Memorial University of Newfoundland’s Faculty of Engineering & Applied Science to meet with Dr. Brian Veitch and his research team in St. John’s, Canada.

Dr. Mallam introduced the audience to the University College of Southeast Norway, the Department of Maritime Operations and TARG research during his presentation. In particularly, TARG’s ongoing Virtual Reality research project, InnoTraining, partnered with Kongsberg Digital, was a focal point of discussion. Dr. Veitch and his team have extensive experience in maritime safety, crew training and simulator research and development, providing valuable insights and discussion. Steven toured the department, visited their simulator labs and met with graduate students:

“Dr. Veitch’s team share many similarities and research interests with TARG. This trip has provided a great opportunity to learn more about their work and the common goals both our groups are working towards.”

TARG and USN look forward to growing the relationship with Dr. Veitch and his team at Memorial University of Newfoundland. During the last week of January TARG will welcome one of Dr. Veitch’s PhD students to Norway to continue the collaboration and knowledge sharing between research groups.