One of the key factor in the growth of research groups (especially younger ones like TARG) is the quality of international collaboration they possess. The project (entitled: TITAP) won by TARG and RUB (led by prof. Nazir and prof. Kluge respectively) is aimed for such collaboration. As a part of TITAP, TARG visits an esteemed research group (led by prof. Annette Kluge) at RUB Germany. The research group is a close collaborative partner that has similar research interests as TARG. It was a valuable experience that resulted in hands-on research ideas and increased understanding of the various ways international research groups work and collaborate.


From left to right: Dr. Nazir, Mr. Ernstsen, Dr. Hagemann, and Prof. Kluge

During the visit, research methodologies and knowledge of various tools was exchanged between the groups. Recent and current research were presented and discussed and specific inputs were given to aid the development and improvement of the research.

Members of each research group presented respective recent findings and on-going research projects on the first day of the visit. The two research groups also did a joint work session that included creative brainstorming which subsequently led to tangible outcomes for further collaborative projects.

TARG and the research group at RUB have generated inspiring research ideas which motivates both groups to continue researching the field of training and assessment in complex sociotechnical systems.