ONS Young Idea award

TARG researcher brings award

30. August 2016

A month ago, PhD-researcher Jorgen Ernstsen participated in a national competition orchestrated by Lundin. It was revolved around “Can we do this differently and make it better?”, and asked for ideas which provide innovative ideas to solve challenges in the offshore industry.

TARG researcher brings award

TARG researcher brings award

The idea was assessed according to its potential and how it represents improvement and innovative thinking. The idea had to focus on making the oil and gas industry safer, more environment-friendly and more efficient.

The idea Operator Performance Enhancement – which is core of TARG –  was coined and focused on an innovative methodology of operator training with an emphasis on a multidisciplinary design towards the use of advanced training technologies (mainly Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality). Apart from recognition, the prize of winning is an offshore trip to the Edvard Grieg platform in the North Sea, in addition to access to Lundin’s expertise regarding realising and putting ideas into practical use.

The finalists of the competition were shipped to Stavanger from all over Norway in order to present their idea on the Offshore Northern Sea Conference (ONS) in Stavanger. ONS is a place for international energy companies to meet and show their products, services, and to network and meet friends throughout the industry.

The award has been warmly welcomed by the TARG, Department of Maritime Technology and Innovation, and specially by Salman Nazir (PhD supervisor of Jorgen).