TARG VR research on Norwegian national TV

Training and Assessment Group (TARG) and Kongsberg Digital (KDI), applied in December 2016 for a project grant to support the innovation of maritime training simulators using virtual and augmented reality named InnoTraining. Research Council of Norway rewarded the project a grant of 13 million NOK.

The main aim of InnoTraining is to enhance simulator training in maritime education. The project is developed as a collaboration project among Training and Assessment Group (TARG) at HSN, Kongsberg Digital (KDI), Politecnico di Milano (POLIMI, Italy) and Sathiya Kumar from Institute for Energy Technology (IFE, Norway). An important goal for the project is to develop and utilise virtual reality (VR) technology in maritime simulator based training.

The project has received much attention in media and the education sector for its focus on cutting edge technology and original perspective on simulator training. This January, Norwegian Public Broadcasting Corporation (NRK), visited HSN to investigate InnoTraining. NRK concluded that this simulator based training-project was highly interesting and valuable, thus decided to cover the story: The visit resulted in a coverage of InnoTraining on NRK national news TV, NRK radio and NRK E-news.


Salman Nazir on NRKSalman Nazir, Associate professor and TARG leader, HSN


Stig E Wiggen on NRKStig-Einar Wiggen, Research manager Kongsberg Digital

See the NRK video here (permission granted)  :


Please find links for this coverage in the table below:

Source of Media Coverage Links
USN Website https://www.usn.no/aktuelt/nyhetsarkiv/dra-til-sjos-virtuelt-article204886-7457.html
NRK TV https://tv.nrk.no/serie/distriktsnyheter-oestafjells/DKTE99011117/11-01-2017#t=4m8s
NRK Radio https://radio.nrk.no/serie/distriktsprogram-vestfold#t=2h33m43s
NRK E-news https://www.nrk.no/vestfold/vil-bruke-vr-teknologi-til-opplaering-av-sjofolk-1.13317632