TARG is happy to announce that is it a partner and work package leader for the research and innovation project OpenBridge!

The OpenBridge Design System is developing design guidelines based on modern user interface technology, human-centered design principles and component libraries that aims to create an open platform and simplified process for establishing integrated bridge systems.

OpenBridge is three-year project that consists of a consortium of over 25 partners co-funded through both industry and The Research Council of Norway. The research is led by the Ocean Industries Concept Lab (OICL) at the Oslo School of Architecture and Design, SINTEF Ocean and TARG at The University of South-Eastern Norway.


OpenBridge Consortium members

Dr. Steven Mallam is leading the user-testing work package of OpenBridge, which will test newly developed applications with end-users both in the field and in the lab. Results will feedback into the project and its design team to help improve the OpenBridge design guidelines and processes.


The project got off to a productive start with an 18-day field test in the Arctic onboard the Norwegian Coast Guard vessel KV Svalbard. This provided an invaluable opportunity to test OpenBridge interfaces on nine different applications (e.g. Conning display, ECDIS, thruster controls, etc.) with navigation officers in the Norwegian Coast Guard within the real-world working environment onboard a ship’s bridge at sea.


For more information contact Steven Mallam (sm@usn.no) or visit:

OpenBridge Design System

Ocean Industries Concept Lab

The latest OpenBridge publication can be found here:

Springer Link

Nordby, K., Mallam, S. C. & Lützhöft, M. (2019). Open user interface architecture for digital multivendor ship bridge systems. WMU Journal of Maritime Affairs, 18(2), 297-318. DOI: 10.1007/s13437-019-00168-w