TARG members have been invited to the guest editor panel for the special issue “Emerging Issues in Maritime Education and Training” of the peer-reviewed journal Education Sciences (ISSN 2227-7102) by the Multidisciplinary Digital Publishing Institute (MDPI). 

The special issue is focused on addressing the challenges for maritime education and training (MET) providers to train and assess the future workforce towards high standards of technical, social, regulatory, and emerging global practices. The aim is to gather empirical research from MET, as well as novel approaches that address emerging issues related to these technological, societal, and environmental changes. 

Emerging issues include but are not limited to the following themes (Source: MDPI):

  • Implementation of new technologies, such as advanced simulators, virtual reality, augmented reality or eye-tracking technologies and the need for new pedagogical approaches that follows;
  • Development of 21-centrury literacies, for example, digital literacy, data literacy, and information literacy;
  • Pedagogical issues related to social sustainability, e.g., lifelong learning, personal growth, and social inclusion;
  • Pedagogical efforts to advance awareness on environmental sustainability in shipping, e.g., reduction of CO2 emissions, sewage and toxic disposal, transfer of invasive alien species, and noise and wave disturbances;
  • Emerging approaches to safety training, such as resilience training, cybersecurity training or anti piracy training;
  • Competence insurance, certification and inclusive learning opportunities for a globally distributed workforce.

The special issue is open for manuscript submission with a deadline of 30 April 2021. More details can be found on the special issue’s website.