TARG –  in co-operation with Kongsberg Digital (KDI) – is awarded a grant of 13 million NOKs by Research Council of Norway

stig-einar-wiggen-with-salman-nazirStig-Einar Wiggen (left) with Salman Nazir

December 2016. Simulator based training has altered the way in which training and education was perceived couple of decades before. The technology related to simulator based training has seen recent shift towards immersive environments. By keeping a track of these advancements in training simulators and new developments in virtual and augmented reality, TARG submitted a project application entitled Innovating maritime training simulators using Virtual and Augmented Reality (InnoTraining) to Research Council of Norway (RCN) in co-operation with Kongsberg Digital (KDI) for the development of next generation of maritime training simulators. The application was submitted under the scheme – MAROFF and was granted, bringing the good vibes for the Department of maritime management, technology and innovation and all associated stakeholders just before Christmas. The other involved partners in this project are Prof. Davide Manca from Politecnico di Milano, Italy and Sathiya Kumar from Institute for Energy Technology, Norway.

Following are the quotes from the Department and project leaders:

“As a department leader, it gives me immense pleasure to hear this news. It reflects that a high quality of research is being carried out in our department.” – Anne Kari Botnmark, Department leader – MTDI

“I am pleased and humbled that we have won this project application from Research Council of Norway (Forskningsradet), in collaboration with Kongsberg Digital. It will enable us to be in the forefront of Simulator Training in Maritime domain by incorporating emerging technologies: Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality.” – Salman Nazir, Associate professor – HSN

“I am very excited that our joint project “Inno-training” has been granted by the Research Council of Norway. I am looking forward to work with TARG on the development of mixed reality simulators. This innovative research development will put KDI in a strong position to address the demands in training of future maritime operators.” –   Stig – Einar Wiggen, Head of Research – Kongsberg Maritime