Researchers from Germany visits TARG, Norway

TARG has recently had a visit from a prestigious German research group from Ruhr University of Bochum (RUB). With sponsorship from the Research Council of Norway and the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD), TARG and RUB have formed a close collaborative relationship, which has developed several joint research projects and interests, bringing together the German’s expertise in human cognition with TARG’s competence in training and assessment.

The multi-day visit included intensive work meetings to solve challenges and advance the institutions research programs, including discussions leading to the development of a joint-research project and project application to be submitted to the Research Council of Norway and German Research Foundation.

The visit ended with a group trip to experience the wonderful nature at The Worlds End in Tjøme, along Norway’s southeast Coast. The weather was perfect to showcase the beautiful landscape of Vestfold and Oslofjord, followed by dinner and lively discussions

The TARG team is planning a visit to RUB in Germany in the late summer, and will again meet during the fall at the 6th Workshop on Training and Assessment held on October 23/24 in Tromsø, Norway.


A trip to The Worlds End. From left: Professor Annette Kluge, Professor. Salman Nazir, Professor Vera Hageman, Dr. Steven Mallam and Mr. Jorgen Ernstsen.