Photo: Prof. Salman Nazir presenting VR technology at NUST

.ENHANCE’s Principal Investigator, Professor Salman Nazir from the University of South-Eastern Norway, was seconded to the National University of Sciences & Technology Pakistan’s (NUST) Islamabad campus from 13th to 23rd of September 2019. During his stay in NUST, the ENHANCE team at NUST organized a knowledge-sharing seminar focused on introducing cutting-edge technology of Virtual Reality (VR) in research.

Virtual Reality technology is widely used in simulators for training operators of complex systems and for academic research purposes. The keynote speech delivered by Salman was on the topic “How virtual reality is a game-changer in the future of education, training and safety”. The aim of the Virtual Reality technology, that is its employability in various academic research fields and in the design of training simulators, was presented in the seminar. Salman also shared the details of simulators available in USN, Norway, and the on-going projects related to ENHANCE in the Training and Assessment Research Group (TARG). NUST faculty members, PhD scholars, Masters and other Research students attended the seminar.

Photo: Demonstrating Pepper Robot at RISE lab, NUST.


Salman had a guided visit to the research facilities of Robotics & Intelligent Systems Engineering (RISE) Research Center, where he was briefed on various components of the center. The RISE center demonstrated their robots named NAO, Pepper and Automated Wheelchair, along with various on-going projects. Head of Department of Robotics & AI and Principal Investigator of RISE Research Center, Dr. Yasar Ayaz facilitated the demonstration.







Photo: Demonstrating Humanoid Robot at RISE lab, NUS
The knowledge exchange revealed potential areas of collaboration on research activities within the scope of the ENHANCE project. 




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