Targ member, Salman Nazir, participated in 19thAnnual General Assembly (AGA) for the International Association of Maritime University (IAMU). USN and TARG has been consistent in IAMU conferences for past several editions which has resulted in fostering of international academic contacts for Norway and also showcasing research to wider maritime education and training practitioners. In addition to the representation, voting, networking activities, TARG had a poster presentation titled “Need for collaborative learning in Maritime Education and Training (MET)”, arguing for application of novel pedagogical approach to bring alternative approaches for training and evaluation of maritime trainees.


Previous research contribution of TARG in IAMU regarding maritime simulator training facilities in Europe is now available in extended journal version recently published in WMU Journal of Maritime Affairs:

Nazir, S., Jungefeldt, S. & Sharma, A. WMU J Marit Affairs (2018). https://doi.org/10.1007/s13437-018-0157-0