Photo courtesy: USN website


I-MERSE is the brand-new addition to the research cluster initiated by the University of South-Eastern Norway in the field of advanced immersive technologies (e.g. Virtual and Augmented Reality). This research group will collaborate in an interdisciplinary fashion to make Virtual Reality (VR) a go-to technology in education, the public sectors as well as in commercial sectors. As immersive technologies become increasingly powerful, advanced and mainstream it is necessary to better understand its far-reaching effects on society and its users. The multifaced effects will, as happens with every new technology permeate throughout our business, education, health, and society.

Thus, I-MERSE has been formed with an interdisciplinary perspective in mind, in order to examine the wider impact immersive technologies are having on our world. The researchers are very positive about the collaborative venture and expressed their keenness towards exploring new ways to assimilate Virtual Reality usage and to put the technology in practice in the best possible ways.

Four (04) new PhD positions and one (01) position for the administrative coordinator have been announced to further expedite the process. PhD candidates will work closely with scientists working on Training, assessment, learning & human factors (Faculty of Technology, Natural Sciences and Maritime Sciences), Optics, vision & eye care (Faculty of Health and Social Sciences), Information systems & marketing management (School of Business), Teacher education and learning sciences (Faculty of Humanities, Sports and Educational Science) across different campuses of USN. The I-MERSE cluster will leverage the expertise and research areas from this diverse team, providing a shared group for researchers and research groups within differing departments working in their respective fields throughout the University of South-Eastern Norway.

The leadership team includes Prof. Rigmor Baraas, Prof. Salman Nazir, Associate Prof. Karen Stendal and Prof. Marte Sørebø Gulliksen. Other key team members include Stuart J. Gilson, Marit Gundersen Engeset, Steven Mallam, Toril Agaard and Ellen Svarverud.