Hasan is a PhD research fellow working with the use of immersive technologies in maritime training. His affiliation with with the Training and Assessment Research Group (TARG) began first as a student assistant in February 2019 while being a master’s student at the University of South-Eastern Norway, Vestfold campus. He was involved in the core working group of “Centre of Excellence in Maritime Simulator Training and Assessment (SFU-COAST)” as a research assistant since July 2020 before starting his PhD in September 2021.

He was an avid sailor but his academic passion brought him back to academia. He has been working in the maritime field as a marine engineer since 2013. He holds marine engineering officer license (Class-3) and sailed from cadet to watchkeeping officer on-board bulk carriers and tankers for several years. He has also worked as a marine instructor for Diploma-in-Engineering students for over a year. His professional portfolio includes working with a maritime service provider, actively engaged in shipbuilding and technical support of merchant vessels with load test, life-boat survey, cargo inspection, underwater survey and salvage operations.

Research interests
Hasan’s reserach work involves improving teamwork in complex environments, non-technical skills, maritime training and on a range of other TARG topics; he was involved with the Work Package 1: “Identification of commonalities and human involvement among selected socio-technical systems” of the EU Horizon 2020 project ENHANCE through his secondment in RWE Power AG, Cologne, Germany. His master thesis title was Exploring the effects of automation malfunction on team communication and team coordination in ships’ engine rooms”.


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