TARG hosted the director of development at Estonian Maritime Academy, Tallinn – MrDan Heering on the 18thof April 2018.

Dan in his long and illustrious career also possess maritime experience and has recently completed his Master of Science (M.Sc.) degree of Science from Tallinn University of Technology with his thesis related to cybersecurity for the maritime industry. He has been active with TARG in networking and has met TARG members in various scientific conferences before paying a formal visit.

During his current visit, MrHeering provided information about active projects at the Estonian Maritime Academy and recent developments in the simulator center situated there. He then proceeded to try out the VR facilities available in TARG and was briefed about active research going on for maritime operations utilizing virtual and augmented reality. The meeting concluded with an informal dinner at Tønsberg bryggewith the exchange of pleasantries and potential plans forfuture collaboration between TARG and the Estonian Maritime Academy.