On 14thof May 2018, the 7thworkshop on training and assessment, this time lead by IMPROVE, was held in the Norwegian Maritime Competence Centre (NKM) in Ålesund. The theme of the workshop was “Improving Simulator Training and Performance Assessment”,and actors from both academia and industry participated with presentations and fruitful discussions.

The event was a part of series of workshop conducted by Training and Assessment Research Group (TARG) and sponsored by MARKOM2020. The organization of workshop was led by Tron R. Resnes, Assistant Professor/Senior DP Instructor, and Marte Fanneløb Giskeødegård, Associate Professor at NTNU, supported by Sanda Knutson & Salman Nazir.

A diverse selection of speakers participated in the event, including representatives from academic institutions like the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU), Coventry University, University of South-Eastern Norway (USN), and Politecnico Milano (POLIMO), and representatives from the maritime industry like Ocean Space and Civil Engineering (OSC), Rolls Royce, the Coastal Administration and the OSC.

The workshop shed light on the current and future situation of simulator training and assessment, seen from varying angles and viewpoints. How current systems are utilized, what can be optimized and how near-future simulators can and will contribute to enhancing training and assessment. Participants were also treated to an interesting view of the IMPROVE project, current status and future goals.

It was highly beneficial to participate in such rich and insightful discussions on an aspect of the industry in constant growing development. Much is happening in the simulator training section, and the workshop addressed issues and interests held by many. Why is training so valuable, and what can be done to improve it? These questions were addressed and discussed in depth. Many valuable points were made, and important connections and future collaborations forged.