TARG researchers visit Germany in august 2017


Training and Assessment Research Group (TARG) with Salman Nazir and Jørgen Ernstsen have visited researchers in Bochum and Aachen (Germany). The sponsorship from the Research Council of Norway and the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) have enabled TARG and Ruhr University of Bochum to collaboratively explore the cognitive characteristics associated with pilotage operation, and this trip was the finalization of the first paper.

This trip to Germany has also fostered the collaboration even further and proved to be the beginning of another prosperous investigation on the interaction between psychology and technical systems. The research groups will jointly seek to understand how emerging technologies such as holograms (Microsoft HoloLens) and augmented reality can enforce operators to operate more safe and efficient.

This visit also concludes the project (Towards Improved Training and Performance). Apart from several future plans and exciting cooperation on emerging topics, one EU application has been submitted, one journal article is finalized (lead by Jorgen) and a proposal to DAAD is conceptualized, which will be submitted this fall (lead by RUB).


From the left: Jorgen Ernstsen (TARG PhD-researcher), Arnulf Schueffler (RUB researcher)