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Svend Erik Nordby
Senior Engineer at HSN

Svend is a technical resource. Since 2012, he has worked primarily with simulator and backdeck courses at the HSN research center for the Norwegian seismic company PGS, as a technical expert, assistant instructor and with general support during the courses. At the University College, he has been involved in various development projects and has been project manager for research projects in collaboration with Kongsberg Maritime (now KDI). Svend is now working 50% with external training courses for PGS. In addition he is busy with general technical support and consulting for HSN. Svend is also webmaster for TARG and has built the website for TARG from ground up together with the TARG management, see

Svend is educated at Kongsberg Engineer high School back in the 80’s

Over the years Svend has gained a lot of knowledge and experience in many fields. In the 80’s he worked for company NORCONTROL where he earned high technical expertise and experience from the industry and especially in the maritime sector. For several years he travelled worldwide working with product development, marine computer installations and service. Later in the 90’s he started his own IT company while at the same time having time to spend together with his 2 children.
Around 2000’s he worked for Vestfold butikkdata (now VISMA) as a Windows system and database programming engineer. In the mids of 2000 he wanted more challenges towards the maritime sector and was hired by the Norwegian ECDIS product company Maris to develop sophisticated fuel saving systems for the heavy shipping fleet. Several pioneer projects proved up to 8 % reductions in fuel cost and environmental savings on long passages.

Lots of hobbies and sports. HiFi and media systems. Sailing, rowing and biking. Favorite sport used to be windsurfing, now at the age of 61 he is in transition for exploring kitesurfing. see The Best Kitesurfing Spots in the World 4K (you may want to skip ads and turn down speaker volume)
Svend has a genuine interest in green technology and is aiming for a zero pollution footprint. He has an electric car, electric bike and now he is building an electric drive hybrid system for boats

Svend is living in Tønsberg with his wife and has 2 grown up children, Hilde and Jon. Hilde is now studying a Master in Norwegian traditional folk arts at Campus Rauland. Jon is living in Barcelona, Spain where he has established and conducting an IT company specializing in visual programming