Kjell Ivar Øvergård is full professor of Maritime Human Factors. He is head of maritime research at the faculty of Technology and Maritime Sciences at University College of Southeast Norway. Prof. Øvergård became full professor in 2011 at the age of 34. In 2012 he was recipient of a gift professoriate from Kongsberg Maritime making him chair of cognitive systems engineering and human factors at the Global Maritime Knowledge Hub (http://www.marhub.no). He recently became board member of the national joint phd-program in nautical operations which is a collaboration between Norwegian University of Science and Technology, UiT Norway´s Arctic University, University College Stord/Haugesund, and University College of Southeast Norway. Prof. Øvergård co-founded the training and assessment research group together with Dr. Salman Nazir in 2015.

Øvergård has experience from cross-disciplinary research project since 2003 and has published in multiple different areas such as human factors, ergonomics, product design, combinatorial optimization, leadership research, and human-computer interaction. His research interests include maritime human factors with particular focus on teamwork, communication and HMI, time-dependent modelling of behaviour (i.e. how systems´ behaviour change over time), assessment of team and system behaviour, maritime leadership and user centred design and user testing.



Prof. Øvergård has PhD in Psychology (2008) and a Cand Polit in psychology (2004) from Norwegian University of Technology and Science in Trondheim, Norway.



Full Professor in work and organizational psychology: maritime human factors

Long experience in cross-disciplinary research and development groups

Solid knowledge of experimental and nonexperimental methodology for causal inference as well as parametric and nonparametric analyses for simple and multivariate data sets.


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