Bjarte Knappen Røed is an adjunct associate professor in maritime human factors. He is situated at the University College of Southeast Norway, faculty of technology and maritime sciences. Røed has a Ph.D (2007) in human factors and a Master’s degree in nautical engineering (2002) from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology. He has also education from the Naval Academy (1992) and long experience in navigation and marine operations from the Norwegian Navy where he served for 20 years. Røed is a licenced ship’s captain. Since 2007, Røed has worked within the oil and gas industry and he is currently the Head of Engineering and Risk Consulting at Aqualis Offshore AS, an international marine operations company listen on Oslo Stock Exchange (Ticker: AQUA).

Dr Røed research has focused design and team factors in the safety of high-speed ships navigation. His recent research is focused on increasing the precision and objectivity in the performance assessment of complex operations. The goal is to identify performance indicators that may be objectively and automatically measured by using advanced computer algorithms.

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