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Anne Haugen Gausdal is a Professor at University College of Southeast Norway (HSN), where she works in the Faculty of Technology, Natural Sciences and Maritime Sciences. She has a Bachelor degree in engineering, a Masters and a PhD degree in Business Economics. The main topic in the Master thesis was Knowledge Management and Motivation, and the main topic in her PhD thesis was Regional learning, trust and innovation – within a networking context. Having completed her PhD in 2008, Gausdal started working as an Associate Professor at the University College of Southeast Norway, where she achieved the professor title in 2016.

Professor Gausdal has authored/co-authored more than 50 research papers in international journals, scientific books and international conferences. She is a reviewer for 8 international journals, has contributed on 18 research grant proposals, been the project leader of two large research projects (funded from the Norwegian Research Council). Professor Gausdal has been the main supervisor of 14 master theses, the co-supervisor of three PhD projects, and the main supervisor of one PhD project. Gausdal is also a demanded process facilitator and chairperson.


Research areas

Professor Gausdal’s scientific production covers four different main areas, stimulating the key elements of networking: 1) Safety leadership, 2) Methods for innovation, 3) Inter-organizational trust and trust-building, and 4) Network management, composition and outcome. Her main professional interests are Maritime Safety Leadership, Preparedness, Innovation processes, Knowledge management, Trust and trust-building, Methods for innovation, Network management and Regional Innovation. She is also interested in facilitation of processes to increase knowledge sharing, trust-building and connectedness. Moreover, the role of researchers in development processes, applied social research and Interactive research. Professor Gausdal joined TARG in 2016.


List of publications      

Gausdal, A.H. and Makarova, J. (2017) Trust and Safety on Board. WMU Journal of Maritime Affairs (), 1-21. Doi 10.1007/s13437-017-0126-z

Kim, T.E. and Gausdal, A.H. (under review) Leading for safety. A weighted safety leadership model in shipping. Submitted to Reliability Engineering & System Safety, September 2016, minor review in February 2017

Nilsen, E.R. and Gausdal, A.H. (2017) The multifaceted role of the network orchestrator – a longitudinal study. International Journal of Innovation Management, 21(6) http://dx.doi.org/10.1142/S1363919617500463 

Gausdal, A.H., Svare, H. and Möllering, G. Trust, (2016) Why don’t all high-trust networks achieve strong network benefits? A case-based exploration of cooperation in Norwegian SME networks. Journal of Trust Research. 6, 2, 194-212 http://dx.doi.org/10.1080/21515581.2016.1213173

Gausdal, A. H. (2016). Trust-building in networks as practical social learning processes. In S. Jagd & L. Fuglsang (Eds.), Trust, Organizations and Social Interaction. Studying Trust as Process within and between Organizations. 125-145. Cheltenham, UK: Edward Elgar (Double blind review)

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Current projects         

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Understanding the dynamics of regional innovation networks in regional innovation systems




RCN, Oslo, Akershus and Vestfold county


3 years


Beyond Safety Management: Leadership for safer ship operations






3 ½ years